What is best tube mono's for Dunlavy SC III's?

Just purchased a pair of Dunlavy SC III's. I would like to use a pair of mono tube amps with them. They are rated at 250 watts maximum, is that 250 ss watts? Meaning, that, they will handle 500 watts at their 4 ohm load? So far, as I can see, the ASL Hurricane might be the best for these, I wanted to use VTL 450, but, too laid back, and highs drop off... power wise, I think it would be perfect match though... any suggestions? Also, where can I download the owners manual, and other information on these speakers, not much I can find on web.


I have both the SCIIIs and the SCIIIa(s). All Dunlavy's
really benefit from high-current designed models. I use a
combination of solid state amps (two vertically bi-amped) and a tube preamp. This seems to given the best of both worlds with this design. Late model Audio Research epuipment is a terrific choice with these speakers as well.
VTL 450 SIGNATURE amplifiers work and sound great on my Dunlavy SC IV speakers excellent bass more power than you would ever use or need.
i would either a) look at the tubes in the 450's or search for some other problem, i.e. cables,or they may have been in triode which softens them up some or b) go solid state cause you really ain't a tube guy. I use VTL 185s sigs with my athenas and they are killer with no top end roll off, solid bass and mids to die for. No lack of power either, 450s would be nice but not really needed. The only thing less tuby than a VTL that i've heard would be ARC VT100.