What is best to use for SACD

I am coming out of a universal player into a new reciever. Which is the best possible audio connection to use .
If it is tosh or coax how do they work with the DVD. I am thinking the converters in the receiver are going to be employed, but what happens to SACD?
For SACD (and DVD-A), you must use analog interconnects and, consequently, the DACs in the player. There are certain exceptions (iLink, DenonLink, MHR, etc) but, in general, neither format can be transmitted via digital cable.

If (GOD FORBID) HDMI v1.3 were to actually see the precious light of day, we might be in business.
Man, that's a tight squeeze -- I hope you get out successfully without injury...
Which universal player and reciever?
I have a Yamaha SACD , the model is a DVD S657 and the reciever is the 6.1 from Cambridge audio. I will actually get the Cambridge on Friday so I wanted to Pick up some new cables with it.
I would think the dacs in the Cambrige are better than the YAMAHA. I wonder what if any trouble I would have if I had it hooked up as both interconnects and Coax?

I suspect you would have no trouble if you used both analog and digital connections. I have a Sony S9000ES, and I use the digital output for CD, because the DACs in my Proceed processor are superior to those in the Sony, and the sound distinctly more transparent and open. SACD, OTOH, is available only as analog output.