What Is Best Speaker for $8000 - $10,000, used ?

I'm looking to upgrade my speakers to get more resolution, definition, dynamics, soundstage, etc. My budget allows up to $10,000 or so, on the used market. The speakers should be able to accomodate near wall placement, since I can't pull them out 3' from the wall. So, preference will be given to non-rear ported designs. My system is solid state gear and running 400+ watts per channel. The room is 20x22 with a very high ceiling and, presently I am using Piega P10's. Thanks.
Check out the discussions on the tyler woodmeres,I have a similar placement situation and have ordered a pair for myself.
Don't eliminate Wilson WattPuppy speakers. They do well in some difficult placements. Call Wilson for info.
See here: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?cspkr&1129088595&read&3&4&
I would see if you can find a pair of Fidelio Parsifal Ovations. You can reverse the lower cabinet so that they're front or rear firing depending on your distance from wall (and personal preference). They may be small in footprint, but in terms of resolution, soundstaging, and most other things, they're great. They're not going to nail symphonic stuff like a much larger (and we're talking over 2x the size) would, but they're not slouches. Plus, they look great, IMO.
Did you read this review...from the pics these looks to be about right for you.


I'll second the Tyler Woodmere recommendation... Another speaker to consider in your used price range is the McIntosh XRT-28.

You title and your requirements are mutually exclusive in most (but not all) cases. Happy hunting.
Vandersteen Model 5s. Without a doubt!
Consider Zu Cable Definitions. They only need to be an inch from the rear wall. They are 101 db efficiency so you can get rid of about 395 watts if you want to. They are vivid, lively and accurate. They will play the incredible bandwidth of 16 hz to 20khz at 130 db and they cost $9000 brand new. It's a factory direct deal so you're really buying wholesale. And they only occupy a 12 inch square on your floor. I'm going to buy them ASAP.
I second the Zu's see my system :)

I have the Definitions also & highly recommend them. Check out 6moons recommendations for '05.
Ditto the Vandy 5a