What is best CD player for my system ?

Hi bros! I have pair Kharma 3.2fe I'm driving them by ASR emitter 2 and cdp is Meridian CD 507 (this is old cdp) I want to upgrade CDP but dunt know that is best for my system!any body have experience about this situation, help me please! thank so much.
I work for an Audio dealer but I am recomending a few and I only sell one of them so I am being fair. I hope you have a dealer you can trust because that is the best.

DCS (don't sell)
Wadia modified by Great Northern Sound (do sell)
Granit Audio (don't sell)
Audio Aero (don't sell)
Dodson D/A with a good transport (don't sell)
Meitner or EMM I think is his current company name. (don't sell)

These are all legends in the making and will make your Meridian sound bright, harsh, and pinched.
something from cayin would work best
Thanks Duane! any one esle have advise for me!
Wadia 581SE or 781i
Triode 20,

Firstly ,let me congratulate you on a wonderful system.

Last year,I had to the opportunity to listen to a wide selections of CDP and I can tell you that to my ears;there is nothing better than dcs Puccini.

Of course if you are looking for separates;the dcs stacks easily bettered the Puccini.

Meridian 808.2 isn't bet either if you like the Meridian house sound.But do not buy anything,until you compare them with the Puccini
thanks Fafafion! I will try Puccini but try only cause its limited by my fund < 10k ...I had listen puccini in an other system (Revel ultima salon 2, BAT Vk600, BAT rex, clearaudio Master solution with 14icnh tone arm) ......Pucini sound amazing, tigh, dynamic and very very clarity! its wonderful. To my ears may be better than any vinyl system at the same price!