What is best as wall plug : HMS Furutech Oyaide please

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hope you are well. So my HMS copper model wall plug had been broken down because 10 years (plastic...). I wonder why not to change !
i read a lot of posts on brand and truly metal copper gold and rhodium.
i am listening vinyl with a Lenco JTN 75.
afa I learnt gold is neutral and smooth. Rhodium is mode détails and bass control.
Many thanks for your advices.
enjoy your week end

There is no “best”,

I have both brands and also both types of plug coatings with no discernible differences between them; 

The receptacle plug coatings (gold or rhodium) are alternatives to reduce oxidation , they are not tone controls.

There is no “best”, I have both brands and also all three types of receptacles  (all-Cu, all-Cu gold plated, rhodium plated) with no discernible audio differences between them. 

The receptacle plug coatings (gold or rhodium) are alternatives to primarily reduce oxidation , and they are not tone controls . I would also not get hung up on the imperceptible lab test published technical variances on transmission /connectivity .

My gold or rhodium plated All-Cu ones are still overly soft and malleable ones that require care and patience in reefing down the screws for attaching the power cable wires . I would avoid them in circumstances requiring repeated detachable power cord plug-in /plug-out circumstances .

Frankly speaking, in my experience, these wall receptacle tweaks were admittedly a very poor value for money IMO and even a questionable upgrade  over my other “normal” hospital grade quality build ones. I would not repeat it again.

Intuitively running dedicated power lines and for each of the source and amp was the key audio performance improvement creator - not the wall receptacle.

Let’s also remember that the trunk power lines from the street to your lot line in many established neighbourshoods are frequently aluminum. The link into your house and to the wall are copper . Hospital grade receptacles are all you need as the final piece IMO. 

Hospital grade will grip your plugs better than residental grade. I don' t get the overblown hype on recepticales. I don't discount people saying they hear a difference but is that due to the receptical or human nature? Try a hospital grade they are not expensive if you think it affects the sound then get an expensive boutique one and enjoy it. 
There is a very long history of receptacles used for audio applications. There is no mystery, no hocus locus, and no doubt that the audiophile grade receptacles that have appeared during the past twenty five years are generally better than stock receptacles, sometimes far better. Hospital grade outlets have always taken a back seat to audiophile grade outlets. The same goes for power cord plugs and power cords. Hel-loo! No matter how much you have in the end you would have had even more if you started out with more.
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I use these and I am very leased with them.

You could also go with Porter Ports sold on this site. They are a cryo treated Hospital Grade Hubble if I am not mistaken. 

I have used Pass & Seymour in the past and they work well.


I beg to differ (as many other) that plugs/outlets cannot be used for tone controls.

As far as plating, gold is not really neutral.  It's more warm sounding with rolled off highs.  Rhodium is definitely more revealing, but probably more neutral.  Silver plating is bright/fast and will push upper mids/highs.  If you want true neutral, probably the best is nickel plating, but that is also lower quality and typically uses brass conductors (which in my opinion push the voltage too hard and sound becomes shouty).

Like other said, if budget is concern, the Porter Ports are cryo-treated hubbels.

Or get a PS Audio Power Port.  They are nickel plated over copper.  Probably the most neutral outlet, and only $49.

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I use the Shunyata wall outlets.  It is cryo-ed, the same outlets on their conditioners and cost less than 100 bucks.
Recently purchased a Synergistic Research Telsa SE that I'm very happy with. The best $100 improvement I've made in the system. 
Hi All,

i read your numerous answers and I wish to thank of all you for your great and such kind answers.
i will try furutech gold and rhodium model. Gold was advice by my cable provider. His plugs  are in gold too...
in parallel I strongly advice you to use some oil on the connectors such as Drop oil from Charlin, à french provider. This oil is usable on power cable and modulation cable. LS too. Never on rj45 cable. As you know the aeronautic industry is using such a kind oil in their cable connections. Thanks again for all your answers,
all the best in music !

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