What is best amp for Maggie 3.6R

I recently putchased the Maggie 3.6R and I'm in the market for an amp that will make them sing. I'm considering the Musical Fidelity kw500 (hard to find) or the Classe CAM-350 monoblocks which means I would have to also find a well match preamp (considering the Musical fidelity 3.2CR).
check the archives as this question has been asked numerous times and if memory serves me right even as early as a week or so ago.
Spectron Musician II or III. If you really want to make the show mono block them !!!! WOW .........
If you search archive then you will see its Spectron Musician III SIgnature and all the reasons why (control, magic midrange, huge soundstage etc)
All The Best

The Spectron Musician III SE is the way to go. That's what I have driving the Maggies 3.6. The Spectron will bring lots of detail and control at both extremes of the frequency range. It produces a very refined sound, reminiscent of much more expensive gear. I tried a few other amps with the Maggies and the sound was kind of flat with all of them. The sound with the Spectron is very 3-dimensional and articulate. This is a very transparent amp, so it will show the strengths and weaknesses of the other components in your system.



Despite all the talk here about the Spectron I´m tempted to try tubes this time (many prefer tubes with these speakers). The new powerful VTL MB-450 Series II monos seem like they might be a good match with my MG3.6´s.
My 3.5Rs were the happiest when I fed them with Bryston 7Bst's.

Better yet, If you want tubes then get a pair of McIntosh MC275V's .......
My friend has Maggie 3.5's and uses Cary V12 monoblocks.

Beautiful sounding rig and the Cary's are a wonderful match imho.

Have Fun.
Consider biamping. That's where the real Maggie magic is!

I am using PS Audio GCA 250 (mod by Underwood HiFi) on the ribbons and a BVAudio (no longer in biz) on the bass panels. Best to use identical amps, but this is what I had on hand and the BV is a great amp. You then eliminate the passive xover and get a Berhinger or DBX... inexpensive xover.
Classe CAM-350. Absolutely no question about it. I have heard that combination at a local dealer and I almost bought the Maggie because of that.
What a great thread! I had experience with a few of these. I tried the Classe', owned the McIntosh 275 Tube amp, but tried a pair of 275's, and finally landed on the McIntosh MC402.

The 402 provided deeper, more detailed bass performance and in my system sounded better. I did not hear the Musical Fidelity so no comment there. I also had an Audio research solid state unit a while back. I still like the mcIntosh the best in my system.
You raise a very interesting and important question, "what is the BEST amplifier for Maggie 3.6R's" and any other speaker for that matter? The responses to your thread reveal that owners use: Spectron Musician, Bryston 7BST, McIntosh MC275V's, Cary V12's, PS Audio, Classe CAM 350's and McIntosh 402's. I personally use Electrocompaniet Nemo Monoblocks and my friend uses McIntosh and sometimes Art Audio tubes and Bedini. A quick search of the Virtual Systems shows that 3.6 owners also use: Wolcott, Audio Research VT100's, VT200's an110.2's, Parasound JC1's, ML 334, DK Design, Innersound, Classe, Plinius and Krell just to name a few. So I guess the answer your question is, there is no BEST amplifier, just one that let's you enjoy the music and a purchase that you are happy with. My personal opinion is that I think a lot of equipment will work well with each other more then most Audiophiles and Audiogoners believe. Except for any technical limitations of course. Either we’re all right, or most of us are wrong!
Good luck with your search.
the conrad johnson mv 125. this is my favorite amp.
i had the classe cam 350's with my 3.6r's for a couple of years and found them to be a great match. bang for the buck - they are hard to beat. currently using lamm m2.2's which have slightly less power but seem to take the maggies to a much higher level. hybrid combo of solid state/tube and a glorius sound! the lamms are now here to stay. ba
Sorry, I am late . I have used the VTL 450 signature monoblocks and they are very good with the 3.6R. I do have 2 rel stentor 3 subs with them . I have not tried them without the subs. I have the jadis jc 80 and the conrad johnson act 2 for preamps.