What is being said at the 1:59 mark of this song?

I listen to "electro" at times and pretty much go thru new releases every week on Qobuz.

Check the youtube video out and see if you hear what I am hearing. I posted this on a couple of music forums to see if I am crazy or not

It starts at the 1:59 mark
To me it sounds like, "go-do-bo-bro"
aberyclark - If you don’t indicate what you are hearing, how are we to know whether what we hear is the same or different than you? FWIW - I could not make out anything intelligible there. What do you hear? Wonder if speeding that up would clarify things.
To me it sounds like he's saying "good jobby job"
I have now played it for multiple people, two did not hear it until I pointed it out...and then they heard it. The other 3 heard it right off the bat. I’m not a political person (I care less about politics) It says "Kill Donald Trump" to my ears.

Listen again...and see if you think that comes across. I never heard of the artist and did not look up her political activity. It may be just a random thing or someone trying to be "I am the Walrus...smoke pot...smoke pot...clever"

I was listening with my recording studio monitors streaming new electro albums this week from Qobuz.

I hear - "Kale Salad Rump"
I hear - "Kale Salad Rump"

That could be as well
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This may be one of those Yanni vs Laurel things. People's ears hear something different based on age, etc. 
@aberyclark I think you’re right about t r u m p!!
a bit too coincidental, in my opinion. 
I have it on good authority that it is simply sampled vocal sounds from a different track with no intent of any syntax or meaning.
ah...thanks for checking. I wonder what track the vocals are taken from
He's saying the title of the song ("Kuda") and then it's repeated electronically, like an echo.
Is the nature of the artist such that it matters what he is saying?

Not intending to be snarky but I can remember interviews with artists such as Michael Stipe, Robert Plant and Van Morrison when asked about certain lyrics, even ones that seemed to have meaning, and the reply was that the lyrics were essentially just nonsense babble to go with the music.