what is "B" stock

What does "b" stock labeling on a product mean. Should one be afraid?
It is refurbished gear from the original source. Supposedly returned defective gear, it has supposedly been repaired and repackaged for sale. Often the repair is missing, but no worry, the item comes with s shortened (usually one year) manufacturer's warranty. You then have the bother of taking it to a factory authorized repairshop. A minor irritation, but a big saving on the purchase price, usually 50 to 70%
"B" stock also refers to items the Manufacturuer used at Audio Shows and Conventions to demo their products for dealers and customers.
Does no one really no what B stock is? B stcok items are typically NOT items mfr's have used at shows. Those would be deemed "show demo's". Refurbished items are sometimes (incorrectly) deemed B stock, but they are not. Refurbsihed items are just that: refurbished items. Go to: www.hellohifi.com/about.html to read more. The greatest problem with B stock is that many of the people that get it don't know it's history and don't mention they are selling B stock. Here's a tip: don't buy B stock. We (HelloHiFi) don't sell B stock, and there are many reasons for this!
Here's a tip: don't buy B stock. We (HelloHiFi) don't sell B stock, and there are many reasons for this!
I have had both good and bad luck with B stock stuff, but mostly bad. I purchased some B stock equipment from an outfit in atlanta (Audio Forest). Each time the equipment has needed to be repaired within a year. Often times the shorter warranty has run out. The repair costs are excessive (since you have to go through them). I must admit though that most of the true audiophiles I know had previously told me to avoid this store like the plague! They even do the old bait and switch (sell you a unit then call you at home with the line "we undercharged you". Next they hit your credit card for the "difference".) I suppose these guys are just crooks. But as i said before, the repair problems have been troubles on B stock from other stores also
I agree. B stock has already failed at least once in someone's system. You'll never know why or what happened. If the price is one you can't refuse and the source is a known quantity, I'd still do a lot of research.
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