What is/are your the most favourite composer s ?

...not neccesarily classical but the ones that just blasting song after song, I just mean a serious one i.e. with sophistication level certainly higher than a 12-bar blues.

I nominate the following in no particular order:

Irmin Schmidt,
Astor Piazzolla,
Did you discover a love for bluegrass at the same time? :) 

Not being completely facetious, I usually hate bluegrass and Mozart for the same reasons.


Can't get into Baroque...math turned into music.  ugh

Mozart and Beethoven symphonies, concertos etc.  All transcendent.

All the Russians...so emotional, based on the nation's history it's not hard to see how that would be.

THE favorite is Dmitri Shostakovich!  His 5th symphony is perhaps the most moving piece of music I've ever heard.  I own and listen to various interpretations which reveal different aspects of Shosty's complicated psyche.

Erik...My knowledge of and experience with bluegrass is virtually nonexistent, so I can’t comment on it even in fun. However, I used to mock Mozart by referring to his "snuff box" music. Then, when one day out of nowhere, I found myself attracted to his chamber music, I experienced a sense of cognitive dissonance. I had to tell my mind it was okay to have positive feelings about Mozart despite all the years I had previously felt otherwise. Frankly, I’m still not especially fond of his symphonies, though I do enjoy his piano concertos.

hfiman...Of course, Shostakovich is an entrely different kettle of fish relative to Mozart. Though not quite in the same company with my personal favorites, I do admit he can certainly press other buttons of satisfaction for me. That "complicated psyche" (as you say), with its dark, probing aspects and occasional shafts of sunlit hope can frequently have a riveting effect on the mind and spirit. There was a time when, perhaps like some others, I found his music too dreary. Then, one day, as with Mozart, my feelings were transformed. I was suddenly able to experience Shostakovich in a new and fascinating way. My favorite among his symphonies are the 4th, with Kondrashin (lp) and Jarvi (cd), and the 7th, with Kondrashin (lp) conducting. I also enjoy a fair portion of his chamber music.
I find bluegrass and Mozart equally giddy, but you are right, not all.  His violin concertos are sublime.

The only time I've heard bluegrass and liked it was with a supremely talented violinist.

I wonder if anyone living within a driving distance of a Cathedral managed to approximate the sound of organ at home. Listening to live Bach is surreal, but on my home stereo it is just OK...