What is/are your the most favourite composer s ?

...not neccesarily classical but the ones that just blasting song after song, I just mean a serious one i.e. with sophistication level certainly higher than a 12-bar blues.

I nominate the following in no particular order:

Irmin Schmidt,
Astor Piazzolla,
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With apologies for spelling

Benjamin Britten
Vaughan Williams
Einaudi (contemporary)
Archangelo Corelli
St. Saens
It’s been over nine years since I last listed my favorites. But, in my entire life, it wasn’t until about a year ago that I came to greatly appreciate two composers whose music I had never really cared for---Mozart and Haydn. It all started when I was hit as if by a bolt of lightening out of the blue by Mozart’s "Hoffmeister" String Quartet (#20). Hard for me to believe how for so long I just could not stand this composer. From the "Hoffmeister", I skipped to other Mozart chamber works...and then I started listening to Haydn’s Piano Trios, etc. Astounded again. Based on their chamber music alone, these two composers now sit atop my favorites list along with Brahms, Dvorak, Debussy, Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Borodin and Schubert.
Did you discover a love for bluegrass at the same time? :) 

Not being completely facetious, I usually hate bluegrass and Mozart for the same reasons.


Can't get into Baroque...math turned into music.  ugh

Mozart and Beethoven symphonies, concertos etc.  All transcendent.

All the Russians...so emotional, based on the nation's history it's not hard to see how that would be.

THE favorite is Dmitri Shostakovich!  His 5th symphony is perhaps the most moving piece of music I've ever heard.  I own and listen to various interpretations which reveal different aspects of Shosty's complicated psyche.