What is an upgrade from the Creek 5350SE Classic?

I have a Creek 5350SE Classic. It is a very good integrated amp and surely deserves its "A" rating in Stereophile's components review.... I would like some input about what would be an upgrade from the Creek in sound quality. I don't need alot of inputs but a very good inboard a phono stage would be nice. however, I understand that a separate phono stage "usually" provides better performance. I have seen ads for a product called the Qinpu 8000MK II which is beautifully designed and looks solidly built. However, this is not a main stream company; more importantly is its the sound quality, and performance of the unit across the board. My speakers are being replaced by either Epos 16i or the new Rega RS-5 or RS-3. I listen to alot of classic rock, some Big Band and jazz, and at times classical. All comments welcomed Thanks, Jim
I would not recommend you shop for an integrated amp before knowing what speakers you are going to get. Epos M16i is a 4ohm nominal impedance and 88db sensitivity speaker, while Rega RS3 and RS5 are both rated as 6ohm nominal impedance and 89db sensitivity speakers. Clearly the Regas are a bit easier to drive and will not require as much brute force so that may open up the choice of amplification to include tube amps if you are so inclined. Also, you may want to give a range for a budget so you can get appropriate suggestions from Agoners. Good luck shopping and enjoy.
What about the Creek Destiny? I bought one and it is A LOT better sounding than my Outlaw 2150 (at 4X the price) It is supposed to have a great sounding phono board option as well.
In response to Cmakak. If I decide to keep the Creek and purchase the Epos 16i's, the Creek delivers at least 100RMS at 4ohms....Regarding my budget range for another integrated amp, it will depend on what I can get for the Creek with its the MM board.... I have never been a big fan for tubes amps, but I see more members raving about the sound of their tube electronics; so, I could be persuaded to tube up, though I don't want to "roll" tubes or necessarily worry about biasing maintenance, unless I can find a very good auto biasing integrated. I am also wedded to the idea of having at least 85-100 RMS and dynamic headroom. The Qinpu as mentioned before is interesting but I have not seen much press on it. I would probably shoot for a used one, and have some cash left over to buy a good phono stage....Ejif suggested the Creek Destiny, but it is a lot of money even used and the phono board is about $500. If I did not get the Destiny phono board, I would probably spend as much or more for an outboarded phono stage with loading options and MC/MM flexibility. Thanks to all members who responded to this post. Jim
For rock, big band, jazz and some classical, regardless of whether you pick the Rega or the Epos speakers, I suggest plenty of power, in specs but more importantly in parctice. The Naim and Ayre amps would go nicely with the Rega speakers, but I can also vouch that the Naim amps will also sound wonderful with the Epos M16i as well.

$2000-3000, from smooth to detailed

NAD Masters Series M3
Vincent SV-236 MkII
Naim Nait XS (lower power rating, but real good)
Creek Destiny
Bel Canto e.One S300iu
T&A Power Plant

Over $3000

Ayre Acoustics AX-7e (lower power, but also real, real good)
Luxman L-505u
Naim Supernait
Musical Fidelity A5.5
ATC SAI2-150
Plinius 9200
Having had the Creek and Creek Destiny, Vincent 236MKII among many others I was stunned by the Exposure 2010S. I even called a out of state dealer who carried both the Creek Destiny and the Exposure told them what I was hearing and asked them if I was nuts. They said no ,hands down the Exposure. The Creek sounds more mechanical , The Exposure sounds more like real music. The soundstage on both is way bigger then the 5350. In fact the 5350 had the smallest stage of any amps I tried. The Vincent is also very impressive but it is a leaner sound. All system dependent maturally as well has personal taste..
I have not listened carefully to the Exposure, but it certainly is generating some buzz. I agree with your evaluation of the 5350, in fact, I think there are many amps that would be provide a noticeable upgrade. Another "bargain" to consider is the NAD C-373BEE.