What is an ideal speaker to match Cary's V-12R?

looking in the $3 k range {for now}. have not received this amp yet as i only pulled the trigger this a.m.

switched over from solid state with this purchase.

recently bought a pair of paradigm studio 100's V-3's before realizing i was headed for tubes. not married to this speaker by any means and would be happy to sell or trade in order to upgrade/showcase the Cary's DNA.

realize there may be nothing in my price-range that competes with the higher end speakers i auditioned in the $7-9k range. although, i am hopeful that the V-3's are not going to sound too poorly while breaking in the 'twelve'.

so, how much will i need to plan on spending before awakening the soul of the V-12R? .
Green Mountain Audio speakers love Cary gear or any gear in the high end market. I use a Rocket 88R and another member I know use the Sixpacs. Check out Green Mountain Audio new website for extensive information on their speakers and Roy Johnson, the designer.

Now that my Spendor S8e's have broken-in, they sound fantastic with my V12r. Jazz and small scale classical recordings are most impressive, as are female vocals. I'm really surprised at how well this combo does with rock, however, especially with the V12r flipped to ultralinear mode.

In an earlier thread, I fretted at the softness in the trebles, thinking this was an equipment mismatch. With the advice of a fellow audiogoner (thanks Art), and instructions on the XLO Reference Recordings burn-in CD, the sound has opened up dramatically this weekend.

In the meantime, I have a Musical Fidelity KW500 integrated on the way. We'll see which one I prefer, but I would be completely happy with what I've got at this point.

I would urge you to check the Spendors out. I've seen a few on Audiogon for $2,100.00 recently.

Good luck.