What is an Audiophile?

Jax2, I think put up a link to a series of definitions, but I wonder what the Audiogon community considers an Audiophile.
I consider a true audiophile a music lover who values quality sound reproduction and buys products that enable him/her to reach that end. Others may have more complex definitions, but that one has always worked for me.
Someone who loves music and is willing to spend as much as he can, or more than he can, afford to extract it from and media.
An audiophile is a perfectionist who is passionate about music, and secondarily about the equipment and tweaks used to replicate the musical event in their own home, not merely playing back a CD or LP.

How's that for a run-on sentence!
Someone who isn't happy with the audio reproduction of gear available in large brick and mortar chains and has the curiosity and motivation to search for it in the back of a white van.
Someone who is incapable of enjoying music, but thinks with a few upgrades in their system they will be.
Speaking for only myself .........A NUT.
Someone who is willing to endure the ridicule of his family & "normal" friends for hearing the improvements caused by :
- raquetballs under CD players
- metal spikes under speakers,
- lifting cables off the carpet
- cleaning stylus with Magic Eraser
- good mono records

...I could go on all day. Cheers,
someone who tries to spend money to obtain perfection and when they think they have it, must spend again to find out if they did indeed find it...
Jax2, I think put up a link to a series of definitions

Actually, I just put up the very simple Merriam-Webster definition, but praised Slikric3000 for the link:


Looks like a few good additions above too!

I like Webster's definition when it comes down to it. When in doubt, you can always initiate the secret handshake and see if it is properly returned (or look for the tell-tale brown thumb as my pal Gunbei points out). If not give one of those "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" screams like ol' Donald Sutherland and we'll all converge on the poor sot and make things right. It'll be a better world to live in once we've weeded out the unwashed masses who have no enthusiasm for a $65K turntable and 350 lb speakers! Soilent Green anyone?

A person with extreme skill, energy and passion with an air guitar!
Just received March edition of TAS. On the Back Page Barry Willis has a wonderful answer to this question. He sure nailed me.
Jsaah, do tell!
one who keep his gears for no more then a month,and when the music is on,he cant hear the music,only noise from tubes,power conditioner/power cord etc..sound familiar anyone?
OK: I couldn't find a link to The Absolute Sound column, "You might be an audiophile...", but out of the list of 16 defining characteristics, here are a couple I identified with: You might be an audiophile "If you spend more time thinking about your system than you do thinking about sex...", and "If you have a garage/attic/basement full of pricey gear that no longer cuts the sonic mustard but is too precious to part with...", and "If you have ever spent 90% of your annual bonus on a stereo component and then lied to your wife about the cost...". Oh, here's a couple more: "If your music library consists of superb recordings of mediocre performances..." and finally, "If you have ever put a compact disc in the freezer overnight in the belief that "cryogenic treatment" would make it sound better....". Lots of other good ones, but I've already admitted too much!
Someone who'll never show-up on The "Who's My Daddy" Maury Povich Show. As having unprotected sex followed by child support would cut too dearly into the gear budget!
I realy wonder why the question is "What is...?" instead of "Who is...?"...?

Is it realy somebody who became something?
A person with a very serious ends vs means confusion.
Someone who spends more time on Audiogon.com, Audioasylum.com, Audiocircle.com, etc. than actually listening to their system. That would be me. Hope my boss doesn't find out about this habit, er, I mean, hobby.
Someone who spends more time on Audiogon.com, Audioasylum.com, Audiocircle.com, etc. than actually listening to their system. That would be me. Hope my boss doesn't find out about this habit, er, I mean, hobby.
What Hartwerger said, and someone whom just purchased a $200 Norah Jones First Edition CD, and even considering buying a $1500 First Edition 1986 Japan pressed mandarin CD. Hope my wife does not find out about the actual cost. LOL
Obsessive compulsive audio nirvana disease.
She'll find out when she sets her hot teacup on it to protect the antique side table.
Tireguy, I'd revise that a bit to say "someone who enjoys music but is driven mad by continually perceived shortcomings of the reproduction of it". I'd argue that most audiophiles love music but are hounded by the imperfections of their, or anyone's, system. You got me thinking Tim -- that's always dangerous ...

PBB, doesn't that describe most politicians too???
the meaning of the term has evolved and today means different things to different people. i wouls hope it mean the following ......'one who owns the finest high fidelity equipment they can afford,as a means to enjoy and collect music software.' thats pretty straight forward.