What is an

For the purpose of classifying a system on Audiogon:

This question may have been previously addressed somewhere in the Forum. But just wondering....
Is an "All Out Assault" system gauged by an unsaid monetary value (not necessarily money spent)? $50M, $100M, more? Is there a minimum entry fee $$$?
Is it an evaluation of sonic performance regardless of $$$? Who's evaluation?
Is it monetarily based on the percentage of ones disposable income?
Is it the anticipated reaction/perception of other "goners?
Does it represent the current state of the art? Or could it be vintage, but top of the line equipment?
Does it require a purpose-built music room?
Does "all out assault" infer "done for now"?
If a system is continually improving through time, aren't they all "evolving"?
Who doesn't want "opinions please" posted on their system?
Is anyone really "done for now" in this hobby? For how long?
Just wondering before the baseball game starts....
Your post is framed as a question but seems more like a comment.
I believe they are called rhetorical questions Roxy.

Done for now, where now can be anywhere from 1 second to 40 years. ;)
I would think an all out assault would require a dedicated listening room with professionally designed and installed acoustical treatments.
Okay, I'll bite.

For me, an all out assault music system would be one that:
*more than covers the frequency extremes
*be capable of high enough SPLs to approximate real world listening levels
*be able to recreate the dynamic swings that real music is capable of
*lacks any kind of congestion, compression or tonal smearing
*casts a convincing soundstage-depending on recording venue
*has a dedicated listening room with all attendant treatment
*have the ability to approximate low level information as well as in reality-most
most systems simply can't do this
*has a great wine selection

All the best,
Looking at the 2 systems you list, you should be able to answer most, if not all of the questions you're asking. With ease.
I'd like to see a category of vintage systems too....I guess now since its 2014, vintage might mean anything from the mid 80's on back?
No, there is a difference. A rhetorical question is not one which necessarily betrays a preformed opinion in the mind of the questioner, which is what I sensed here.
"*has a great wine selection"

I heard about those new wine dielectric cables. They're ultra expensive because the best sounding wine is the most expensive, vintage audiophile grade. Not only that, you have to go to the factory if you want a pair because they can't ship alcohol over state lines. They have to check your ID, as well.
Getting my ID checked, at my age, is always welcomed.
My post was inspired by my own conundrum of where to post my Neo Vintage rig.
On one hand, I think I've achieved a very high level of performance worthy of some consideration of "all assault" confirmed by respected audiophiles, and to me, a considerable investment.
On the other hand, I know, instinctively, improvements are always possible and my rig doesn't come close to some of the extremely elegant systems represented on this great site.
To some, my system cost might be significant and to others, it's entry level.
Again, on one hand, I have been "done for now" for over a YEAR!
On the other hand, through these many years, this rig has been "evolving" into what it is today.
And of course, we all like to have our rigs commented by our fellow 'goners - "opinions".
So the virtual system classifications are subject to our whims of the moment - answered, in part, by the questions I submitted. That's all.
My questions, were just that. Questions. No hidden agenda. Nothing implied. Geez....

And to those posts flushing out possible answers to the questions - Cool.
Might we have a few wine aficionados here? Maybe a new classification for us?
I always took Agon's categories to be just that, rather generalized categories - and necessarily vaguely defined. I would think they sort of have to leave all that up to the system owner to assess for themselves as to how their own system should be pegged (to avoid complaints). Many people list their system under multiple categories. Perhaps they could introduce more categories, but I suspect it would do little to minimize confusion...just lead more people to be left wondering in the end, I think. Anyway, Cheers!