What is a "Troll" ?

i've seen this reference regarding certain posts on websites, presents of a "troll", reffering to posters as "trolls" ? m
They are very little people with silly faces and bad hair. Just kidding. Trolls are the worker-bees that set up, maintain, and monitor a web site. They lurk and keep an eye on things, sort of a combination of technical support and the long-arm of the law...Jeff
Not quite. It's someone who posts a statement or question to get others to bite and essentially, start arguments just for the fun of it. Not sure if it's like fishing - that is, trolling with a hook to see if they can get a bite.
Oxford American Dictionary: troll n. a giant or a friendly but mischievous dwarf in Scandinavian mythology. In our audio hobby there is a Tandberg Troll currently made, which is a small integrated amplifier. Tandberg, being a Norwegian company, probably chose this name because although little, the amplifier has a giant performance (or so they say. I have not personally auditioned it.) There is also a norwex SW-1 Troll, a 10x23x15in. cabinet housing a DVC 8" driver. This is a passive sub. By the way, norwex chose the Troll name years before Tandberg. http://norwex.homepage.com is the web site. Harald Aasland