What is a small quality rear speaker that doesn't

Looking for a couple of quality small rear speakers that do not show. My wife doesn't like speakers to show. Recommend something that is quality sound that I can put in. NO inwall speakers I have a couple of Kliptch in wall speakers but they are three feet foward and in the celling. The 7.1 system I have does not work very well with the speakers in front of us.

BOSE WORK? I have an Outlaw with all Adcom amps Earthquake sub and a very good center and fronts.
Check out the Sony SSM3es. After you get over the Sony thing, they are great little speakers.
Check out Monitor Audio Radius R45 or R90's. They are small, unobtrusive, look pretty good and put out pretty amazing sound for such small speakers. I couldn't believe how well the R90's image. They throw a good sized sound-stage and completely disappear.
forget bose....take a look at the Gallo Micro speakers. They are efficient, available in diff colours, and sound very good. They are a single driver speaker. Excellent product.
Gallo Micros are good and sound bigger then they look. For less you could get their clone from Orb audio. Not as robustly constructed but sounds very similiar.
Are you looking for wall mounts? The Acoustic Energy Aego's are small, nicely constructed and sound quite good. Comparable to the Micro's, perhaps not as cute.