What is a significant upgrade to a Pioneer DVD 414

I am currentlt using a Pioneer DVD 414 as a transport with a modded EAD 3000 Mk 3 DAC. What would be a better transport to consider with this DAC? The Pioneer replaced a Philips CD80 as a transport and now it too is getting too old. ( Beginning to skip etc.)
Any thoughts?
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Greetings, I am currently in the process of upgrading to a dedicated transport myself. After much research, I have settled on a CEC TL51X. I should take delivery in a couple of weeks.

From what I could assertain, there's nothing in this price range that comes close. Good luck and happy listening.
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I agree with Bob. The 414 is a bit long in the tooth. Prob. works fine, but will not read DVD-R or some CDR discs.

No offense but the EAD 3000 uses a fairly old chip set by today's stds. If it were me, I would be doing an A - B comparison of the 414/EAD combo to a stand alone unit like one of the Denon or Pioneer Elite DVD players (the Denon 3910 and Pioneer 47a, or 59a come to mind). John