what is a right IC for my current setup

I am using a Techincs A-10 as my CD player, goes directly to my Krell pwr-amp, I use an old Cardas between the pwr-amp and the B&W 801. ( previously I was using an Audible Illusion L1 as the preamp). I am thinking of upgrading my IC between the DVD player and the pwr-amp. Would a Cardas Neutral reference or a Audience AU-24 a good match. I am thinking of either changind the DVD player to a SACD player.
Give The Cable Company a call and demo some new cable technology. There is so much new stuff out there that smokes older designs. I suggest you try Synergistic Research's new Tesla series cables. But The Cable Company will be able to make many other good suggestions as well.
Buy a popular used brand/model. This way should you decide to sell, the loss in minimal.

Contrary to many of the cheerleaders here, many of the products' "new" and "revolutionary" features are basically window dressing. Wire is wire and very little changes year to year.

The manufacturers and buyers of these products would like you to believe otherwise.

Spend the proponderance of your money on components. Get the combination of cd player, amp, preamp, etc. that pleases your ears and then do cables.

Caveat emptor.
Audiofeil,Simple,correct and to the point.Just what the other Agoner's dont want to hear.
What is the krell Power Amp (model)?

second the cable company- demo first-but if you like krell and cardas, you prob. will like cardas neutral and you'll find au 24 and sr precision to be too warm( i love them both in my system but i like warmer more musical) --you might like the sr tesla aceelerator but my guess is you'd prefer the cardas neutral( unless you're trying to balance the sound with a warmer ic) krell is very fast and bright so if thats the sound you like i think you should demo both cardas, and read up on agon about ic's for krell - there's a lot of chat

06-10-08: Audiofeil

The manufacturers and buyers of these products would like you to believe otherwise.

I guess you meant, "The manufacturers and SELLERS of these products would like you to believe otherwise." Other than that, I do agree with your statement but cable manufacturers with new improved products won't be too happy reading your response. :)
thank you guys for all the good tips
...( there is not much store i can try out different IC before I purchase around here)
Radrog, my pwr-amp is Krell KSA-250...

i just disocvered that when I connect my dvd directly into the pwr-amp thru an old Cardas IC ( Hexlink series from the 80's), the bass is much deeper but also not having as much 'body' compared to when I had had the preamp and a cheapy IC before. The low's must have been recorded on the media, may be I need to getting use to it. I am also contemplating getting a SACD with volume control and balance output so I can get an balanced IC for the pow-amp.
Yeah, well said for a dealer that does not sell Synergistic!

Read the many posts from other a-goners, Synergistic cables are some of the BEST out there and worth an audition.
My comments have nothing to do with my business.

They are simply facts.

Experience is the best teacher.

I recommend you look into it.
thank you guys, I want to sidetrack a little bit here ( perhaps I should open another thread). Besides the ICs, the power cords and the conditoners are selling just like the equipments its almost unbelieavable. Does any one has an opinon of the Black Mountain power cord? Seems like their price is relatively more reasonable but then there has not been a lot of reviews about them, good or bad. Is there a sensibly-priced power cable and/or conditioner, or I shall not worry about it at this time? thanks again for your inputs.
A "sensible" priced power cable is the one supplied in the box with your Krell, the same cable they do their R&D with.

I know there's many who swear by super-dooper PC's (and who's opinion I respect), but I just can't imagine how a higher grade PC than your household wiring can make any difference. IMHO, the old adage "a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link" applies to your power supply; unless you run a dedicated line back to your fuse-box, then there's little point in using anything more than a well-made standard quality power cord.

You just have to get a decent power cord, and try it. Then you can make an educated recommendation.

I agree with your theory, but when I got a decent PC and tried it on my Classe amps, I could hear a noticible improvement. I could hear this difference on regular non-dedicated lines.

Fair enough Darrell, although my system probably isn't resolving enough to warrant an aftermarket PC. (NAD c320 amp, Cambridge 640c v2 CD player, B&W 602 speakers).

I know some argue that a PC acts like a filter, but from a purely objective point of view it shouldn't do so. If a PC is of equal or better quality as the cabling behind your wall socket, it should't have any negative effect on your system. How it can improve it is a mystery to me, and will probably remain so!
Carl109. Let's say that I come up with an utterly compelling explanation as to why a good power cord can improve the sound of your system. That doesn't guarantee that you will hear an improvement when you try one.

And if I utterly fail to convince you with my logic that a good power cable will improve the sound of your system. That doesn't mean you won't hear an improvement when you try one.

So why let your incredulity get in the way of just trying one?

I think your system is plenty good enough to hear the difference. Try to get hold of two cables, because I find the full effect is diminished a lot if you still use a standard cable anywhere in your system.