what is a redbook cd player?

I keep hearing or rather reading his term what does it refer to? I get the fact that it is a good player but is there something that determines redbook? thanks folks, as they say there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers.
Redbook is the standard specification for audio cd. A redbook player plays CD's, not SACD, DVD-A etc. This has nothing to do with the quality of the player.


basic cd player as opposed to SACD or DVD-A player
Redbook is a term that dates back to Sony's original specs for CDPs. Redbook is used to compare or contrast it to better formats like SACD.

This information has been available in the archives for years.
So, I'm still a little confused. Redbook then refers to the media? If so, where can one buy "Redbook" Cds? Do they sound much better than "regular" CDs????
You are confused. "Redbook CD" is redundant. All CDs conform to the Redbook standard. That's what makes them CDs.

"Redbook cds" and "regular cds" are synonyms in this case.
Ahh. Thanx guys.