What is a "shaded dog?"

I am just beginning to learn about old classical records? Can someone give me a brief education on what are collectible records. thanks
That's when my dog is lying beneath her favorite tree. But most audiophiles would be refering to the old RCA vinyl that has the shadded dog RCA label in the center.Enjoy!
It's when your blind date shows up wearing Oakleys, but looks more like Lassie than Cameron Diaz.

Beyond that, Krell1 is correct. The RCA shaded dogs are the LP pressings where the RCA dog on the label is not white, but illustrated with grades of shading that outline his body parts.

Typically these series of pressings are numbered as LSC **** ( 4 digit numeral) and the designation "Living Stereo."

The Classical (LSC "Living Stereo Classical"), are the valuable ones. There are shaded dogs in the LSP ( LIving Stereo Popular) pressings, but few have any value.
Albert; great opening comment-- laughed my butt off. Thanks. Craig.
Also make certain that they are LSC (stereo) as there are tons of LM (mono's) around. Some of these are OK as well if your system is setup to play mono. Even the non-classical LSC's that I have are nice recordings and should not be passed up, if inexpensive (I pick them up for $1 @ the thrift's if the LP is mint - don't care about the covers).
I thought "shaded dog" was the effect of taking a leak behind a concrete support column in the parking garage at the mall.
Try this link

Dang. That page is cool....
Is there a page like that for jazz record labels?
Albert that one is great, LOL
I tried the link that you provided. There were a few labels posted, but majority of them direct to Sleeve City's homepage instead.
Why do those links go to sleeve city?
Spuds McKenzie under a Cabana.