What is a "Infinity Monoluma" ?

I've seen an offer to buy one here from time to time and am curious to what it is. I could not find any info on the web
a single light that shines forever. That's what it is.
Is it not a phrase of mixed English and Latin?Then again English is a mix of Greek and Latin to begin with,right? Go figure people.
It is a Laser light show thing similar to something you might see in the planetarium. It was manufactured in the mid 70's by The Original Infinity Speaker Company. The unit has RCA inputs and takes a tape out signal and presents a light show on the wall which changes to the music. I have been trying to purchase one here but have not had any luck yet. Almost every want ad on audiogon has been filled but this one seems a little tougher. Thanks!
Thanks for the insights,seems to be a nice product to use with dance music.