what is a P0 sound like compare to....

i am wondering what a esoteric P0 sound like compare to other big names like,linn,cec,wadia or others?or compare
to their earlier version P2s-d3
Are you talking about a P9? If not... what is a P0?

The P0s is very rare- Japan only from what I assume. I believe their is only one guy on this board that has one- not sure if he will see your post. I am a big fan of the Esoteric transports (used to have a P1), having just ordered a Spectral SDR 3000, which is based on the Teac Esoteric VRDS system. I have no doubt the P0s would be superb- but it is very elusive...
There exists a P0 which predates the above-mentioned P0s. Living in Japan, ones sees them occasionally but even here they are quite rare. The two look exactly alike - I do not know what makes the P0s "better." A P0 usually goes for about $8-10k and a P0s goes for about $11-13k. In Japan, they are considered to be one of the best transports, if not THE best, ever made.

One can see a picture of an Esoteric/TEAC P0 transport (with its top off - the top is flat and has the same rough texture as the rest of the body) about half way down this page on the left hand side.