What is a minimum room size for 1.7 Maggies?

Greetings all, my room is 12x14x7. I would like to audition the 1.7' s, however, with my room size, will it be worth it?
Also, I am using a 150w McIntosh amp. Any thoughts?
Thanks a bunch in advance.
Your room size may not be optimum, but there's no reason you can't use Maggies in it.

If you have to place the Maggies close to the wall behind them (like less than 3 or 4 feet out), I suggest either diffusing or (only as a last resort) absorbing the backwave. You REALLY don't want to overdo absorption - much of the magic of a good dipole is the extra reverberant energy the backwave adds, and you want it to be full-spectrum energy, just like at a live performance.

If it's your mancave, you might even try a diagonal or semi-diagonal placement, the latter really staggers the distances to room boundaries.

dealer/manufacturer/longtime Maggie fan
My MG12's do their thing(mains, in a bi-amped system) in an 11X13X8 space. It's all about room treatment & placement(you and them). YES- diffusers behind them, if they're close to the wall. One nice thing: you don't have to worry much about side reflections(with Maggies). I listen at levels that approximate those found in live(Jazz/Blues) venues. Once upon a time; I was able to overload the room with a pair of small monitors and a Dynaco ST-70(WELL- There WAS a bed in there too......).
You'll need to get the Maggies at least 4 feet into the room, six feet is even better. If you can do that you are OK.