What is a high end stereo SUPPOSED to sound like?

I've been thinking about this for a while....like 10+ years. Would be interested in what others have to say.
My latest answer would have to be "nothing". I want to hear the music and not the stereo. Like "Come over and listen to some music" versus "Come over and listen to my new stereo". If there are errors, they would be errors of omission, not commission because I assume they are less noticeable.
To me it would be something that you could turn on everyday and smile. If you are happy with your sound then it's high end to you. MTCW!
To my opinion, high end stereo should be looked at with two aspects: high end + stereo. High end is for someone with a lot of money to spend. Being put at a fancy room for appearance appreciation. Stereo is stereo sound for all of us to listen to our favourite music whenever we have time to relax. Fedility is a personal perferrence. Just like singers in American Idol final, they are all good singers but the winner is being judged. Your own system is being judge by yourself. If you think further, violin plays a note is a note, but there are some famous violin outt here cost you a lot more. Why.........
How about:
- Let's you listen to the music and not think about the stereo.
- See the trees in the forest more clearly.
- Good spacial qualities.
- Largest difference heard between recordings.
- Less error.
You know you've got your system right when your guests stop saying: "Man, your system sounds great!" and instead, they start saying: "Good grief! Those GUYS sound great."