What is a good Speaker with ASL Hurricanes?

Can anyone recommend a good speaker with ASL Hurricanes (under $7000)? (I listen to 35% classic rock, 35% bluegrass,
20% jazz, 10% classical) 90% vinyl on a VPI/JMW/helikon front end...haven't picked a preamp yet).
what size is your listening room?
the listening room is about 15x13 with 7 foot ceilings.
I would pick a speaker, then the amp.

But that's just me.
I'm open to picking the speaker first, but I've definitely decided I want to go tubes with a budget limit of about $5-6k for the amp, so I think my choice in amps is a bit limited on that account.
They sound REALLY good with the Von Schwiekirt VR4SE, extremely powerful and controlled bass, excellent imaging and voicing and just plain musicality. They run about $5700 the pair.
For that size room, Coincident Super Eclipse III would work very well with the Hurricanes...
Correction: Room size is 13'x 18' with 8 ft. ceiling. (Back "wall" is a curtain/divider).
$5-6k gets you a ton of tube amps, both high and low power.

VTL 450 Sigs
CJ Premier 140
Rogue Zeus

That's why I would choose speaker first.
I'm now leaning towards the Coincident speakers, probably either Victory or Total Victory. Any recommends for amp and preamp at $10k or less (for both) is welcomed. Also, is the difference between single ended and push-pull overblown?
I also recommend Coincident Super Eclipse
They are great. I heard them at the Stereophile show in 2001. They sound very smooth with a great bass response.
Here's a pic of them. http://www.coincidentspeaker.com/eclipse.htm
The Partial Eclipse is nice to

The Reference 3A L'Integral Nouveau's are one of my favorite speakers. There 92 DB and about 42 inches. They sound amazing.
The L'Integral Nouveau's sound very articulate and transparent. The Bass is top notch. There's a pic of them on Reference 3A's website. www.reference3a.com

The Cabasse Iroise are also tremendous sounding on tube amps. http://sound-at-home.de/cabasse_iroise.html