What is a good sounding tube amp for the stage?

I want to give that warm romantic sound to my audience, in the concert series we just started - I like the sound of the Vox Tube combo - is there better?

I know this is not home hifi question, but just thought I'd ask - someone might know about this as well in this intelligent sight.

Thanks in advance...
Fender Bassman with a tube rectifier.
You might want to repost as Amp Head for Guitar? Mesa Boogie vintage Tube amps are known to be ledgendary. They tried doing high end audio as Mesa Baron but didn't survive.
The Fender Tweed amps are also special.
Use a 5751 as your input tube or multiples although for tremelo it's a pointless expense, but for any other gain stage use a good vintage, really vintage early 60s and before triple mica version.
Ge mades a bassy tube they can be a very good value, Sylvania made the audiophile holy grail, expensive hard toget but clearly there is a reason for the scarcity, RCA made a couple a better than usual two mica "Command" and the triple micas that have a well defined sound variable price cheaper by some than a Sylvania. Grey plate tubes are slightly less well defined than the black plates as a rule but you may want the softer tone. Avoid JAN except to experiment they are from the 70s cheap and abundantnot like ttheir vintage brehren. 5751s are favored by Blues and Jazz Guitarists. Email me I tell you everything I know about the sub variants (something I collect them) and see Joe's tube lore on AA's FAQ section. Be aware the older ones are different and that the gain is 30% lower than a 12AX7 and dosn't work in all circuits despite it being a drop in 12AX7 sub in most cases. Can sub for 12--7, don't try sub for a 6 volt tube etc.
Just to cover another base. Call E Guitars in San Rafael, California. This store is almost a museum and their knowledge of vintage equipment has got to be right up there.

If you play Guitar this is a must see store.
What will the amp be reproducing?

What size room?

How many people?

What is the overall setup?

What sort of speakers will the amp be driving?
We want to produce pop concerts in theatres with 2500 seats. I am trying to do it with quality sound - liquid and transparent.

Can it be done on pro audio?

I am considering EAW La speakers - will this do it, or is there better?

Is there a digital amp that will do it, or should I go with tube preamp, and transistor power amp?

How many sets of speakers do I need?

Thanks in advance...