What is a good sounding classic tube amps to hunt?

Recently I acquired classic speakers like JBL and Jensen. I am so happy with alnico sound, with their huge 15 inch woofers, throwing wide and deep soundstage.

I want to mate it with a classic tube amp. What are some classic tube amps to hunt down on used market?

Which one sounds better?

McIntosh (which no?)
Rogue audio

I am looking for under $500 on ebay.

Thanks kindly...

I don't have much input to help you, but...I'd scratch the Rogue amps. Very good amps...not "Classic"

Good classic tube amps aren't often available for <$500. Of those you list, Marantz is a winner in my book. Quad II might be in your price range, and isn't too bad. Cheers,
Dont forget grommes! the best of the bunch in my opinion- forget McIntosh- unless the original point to point ones, the new ones are great, GREAT! but not classic at all anymore. take rogue off your list. dont buy anything with circuit boards in them if the goal of classic is to be fully realised.
Don't rule out Fisher amps. I have a fisher X-100-B integrated. With a few cheap modifications including bypassing the preamp section, you will have an amp that is not only cheap to buy but cheap to maintain. The output tubes are about $10.00 each and it only needs 4. The amp throws a huge sound stage as well as placement that can't be believed. Every time I put it in my system I get a big smile. It usually stays for a couple of weeks before I go back to the so called better amp. All this from a 40 year old amp, not much has changed in that time. Who says one needs to spend mega bucks to achieve good sound. I bought mine for $400.00 (and I know you can buy them cheaper than that, this one is perfect cosmetically) and with less than $50.00 in parts, wow. Good luck with your search..............Bob
Harmon Kardon Citation II
Hi Gonglee. Not sure about the rouge stuff but any of the classic amplifiers on your list would partner very well with most any the alnico based JBL's from the same era. I am assuming you are thinking tube amplifiers here however I seriously doubt you will find a classic tube amp from the likes of Marantz, Mac or Quad for under $500. That said, the little sherwood S5000 is a honey of an amp as well as the grommes stuff already mentioned. Others to consider are the eico integrated's as well as the classic Fisher 400 receiver which will allow you the luxury of a top shelf tuner to boot. Best of luck on your journey.
Sincere thanks to all who posted - I am a poor musician with good ears ( I like to think ), so I need advices like this, if I am going to enjoy good sounds on small budget.

Words of experience are in-valuable for a poor musician who needs good sounds to further his education.

Thanks again ...
Onix SP-3 is a 38 watt tubed integrated that will outperform all the classics. Only 2 inputs and 1 output but build quality and sound that ranks at premium level. Can be found used on this site for as little as $500.