What is a good Preamp with ASL Hurricanes?

Can anyone recommend a preamp for the ASL Hurricanes? (I'm leaning toward tubes in the $2500-$3500 range). Also, does the amp or the preamp have the greater effect on the sound?
I'm using a First Sound Presence Deluxe MKII, and it is a very synergistic, complimentary match for my Hurricanes. I've been through 5 other preamps over the last year, but my search is over. Extremely pleased with it!
i just got a paragon 12e for a song and it is the best match yet for these. i drive ml sequel II's with a consonance cdp source. a lot of tubes i know but it sounds very very good.
I have good success with my ARC LS 25mkl per amp and the Hurricane. I am also using a Rhea Phone amp into my LS 25 as well. Everthing together is a fine match.