What is a good online retailer for XRCD's, etc.

I am looking for an online source for XRCD's, HDCD's, Hybrid SACD's, Gold CD's and other "audiophile" recordings. I have looked at all the typical online sites including HDCD.com and XRCD.com as well as cdconnection, cdnow, towerrecords, etc etc.

Does anyone know of a good place to buy this stuff?
Music Direct at amusicdirect.com
www.elusivedisc.com Bob Bantz, the owner, is an audiophile himself and knows music.
acousticsounds.com. chad kassem and his staff are very knowledgable and helpful. for a "direct" xrcd source (i.e., them's what makem'), try fimpression.com. winston ma (principal of fim) also has a decent selection of hdcd and sacd discs, too. -cfb
Thanks...I checked them all out and bought some discs.
fim but it is expensive.