What is a good, compact sized integrated amp??

I have limited space in my kitchen cabinet for an amp to drive a couple nice ceiling speakers and a pair of outdoor speakers by my patio. I had a old Marantz 1030 but was not satisfied with the sound. Any recommendations of a warm, full sounding yet compact integrated amp that is not going to cost me a fortune. I am open to vintage gear. 12 inches or less of depth is a must. Thanks in advance for any input!!!
Naim Nait
One of the older Linn Majik integrated amps. You'd have to check the dimensions to be sure it would work, but it's a wonderful little integrated that goes for less than $500 used.
I second the Linn Majik. Also, perhaps, the Bryston B-60; but you would have to check the dimensions.
Rega Luna
These do not come up for sale too often but try to find a used LFD Mistral (non-SE, non-LE). You should be able to pick one up for about $500 used.

Good luck!
creek, arcam, roksan, cyrus, naim....in that order
Winsome Labs Mouse.
Musicsl Fidelity x-150. Half the size of most other components.
I haven't heard it but I am buying one. Glow One amps,they are only $480 brand new with a 30 day satisfaction money back garuntee,it's small 6 by 11 deep by 5 high,it's single ended so only 5 watts per channel I believe since it's so new noone knows about it yet,all point to point wiring,apls volume control,I am placing my order next week! Nick