What is a good combination for Proac Res 2.5?

I owned a pair of "Proac" Response 2.5 speaker, and now I'm looking for a "TUBE amp" to go with it. From what I heard and read on the review, I got interested in either "Jadis Defy 7" or "ARC VT-100 mkII, mk III" and also the "CJ's"

Anyone has any advices for me?
Which amplifier can bring out the character of my speakers the most?
What I'm looking for is just "TUBE amplifier".

well, It'd be nice if you can also tell me the pre-amp that goes along with the power amplifier you'd talk about.

I'll really appreciate your help.

Thanks !
I've always run Proacs with tubes. Had a pair of quicksilver silver edn monos, but they were a mite dark. I'm running a pair of Response 2s with a pair of bridged solid state ARC D240 Mk IIs (pre is a tubed ARC LS-5 Mk III) and a pair of 3.8s with a pair of vertically bi-amped ARC VT-100 Mk IIIs (pre is a tubed ARC LS-16 Mk II). I like the LS5 better than the LS16, but the LS16 has a remote. I like the VT100s better than the D240s, but the D240s do have better low end control.

I believe that Proacs are, or used to be, "voiced" with ARC electronics.
I also own a pair and tubes do work very well. As does the Pass Labs Aleph series of amps. I have used the Aleph 2s and 3 with great results matched with a tube preamp.
Tubes...i had Proac 2.5's and they sounded beautiful. I used 40W class A Ming Da SET monoblocks and a Ming Da preamp...cost me $2200 including shipping from China.

Try with ear amplifiers. Very nice sound.
sonic frontier power 3's and line 3's one of the best systems ive ever heard
I have a pair of ProAc D80s which I had been using with an Audio Research VT-100 MKII which sounded very good and quite a good match. I had used this same amp with my previous ProAcs including a Response 3.5 and then Response 3.8 also with great results. I previously owned or auditioned various solid state amplifiers including Krell, Mark Levinson, and McCormack with my ProAcs but none could match the lush sounding VT100. All of these amps tended to bleach out the harmonics somewhat. However, I recently auditioned one of the new Class D amplifiers, the H20 Signature Stereo ($3000) and was so impressed by it that I bought one and sold my VT100. Being a tube lover I thought that I could never do without a tube amp until I tried the H20. A great match for ProAc in my humble opinion. H20 Audio offers a 2 week trial period. Check out the website at www.iceh2Oaudio.com . Also check out the review on 6-moons by Srajan Ebaen (April 2005) which gives a good insight between the sound of the H20 and tubes.
Incidently, my preamp is an Audio Research Reference II modified by Great Northern Sound.
Interesting note Rlf! I love my 3.8s with an ARC D250mkII, brute tube power. Can be scary at times!
However there is certainly a cheap alternative to try out tubes on your gear. I'd look into a second (or third) hand D125 on your 2.5's and enjoy.
I am wondering if the ARC VT100 would be sufficient or would the VT200 be any better for the Proac Response 2.5's. I am not sure which one to go after. Any thoughts?
Since the last post, I have made a couple of decisions. I recently purchased the ARC LS26 PRE and will also be purchasing the ARC VS115 AMP. I think this combination will be well suited for my Proac Response 2.5's.