What is a good bookshelf

I own PSB Mini Stratus speakers. I want to upgrade to a bookshelf that has more space and more midrange with a sparkling upper end.

These speakers are great only lack in midbass and upper end.

Any ideas? I am willing to pay up to $2k for it.

Proac Studio 110/tablette 2000sig.tablette 50.

What you are looking for is in these speaker.I do have the Studio 110 and telling you lot's of fun to listen especially midrange and upper part.Though i never heard tablette 2000sig
which will be my next upgrade neither tablette 50.
Good luck.
this is wild since the mini stratus is a very balanced and detailed monitor...move 'em around....as good as most for 2k new, and some for 2k used. overwise, there's a nice pair of atc monitors on sale that have the midrange 'thing' in spades.
I wonder if my oldest son blew tweeters when I was on vacation. I have owned these since 2000. I havent really used the stereo much until I moved to new residence. I wonder if that maybe the cause?
I know the bottom end would have to be placement. But upper end I am wondering.
Interesting idea-call parts Express. Sometimes they have identical replacement drivers. Very inexpensive and might be worth a try. easy to replace and it might be fun!
One that doesn't sag under the weight?
Try Sequerra. It's a Sealed Monitor Speakers Met 7.7
if your amp is up to it, Usher BE-718 will be a very big upgrade.
06-21-09: Skyclmbr
I wonder if my oldest son blew tweeters when I was on vacation. I have owned these since 2000. I havent really used the stereo much until I moved to new residence. I wonder if that maybe the cause?
Since the Stratus Mini has dual sets of binding posts, remove the jumpers and attach the speaker cables just to the tweeter inputs. Then feed it a low-to-medium amplitude signal and see if the tweeters are making any sound.
Thanks johnny, I never thought of disco the woofers. Will try that. But I hear music coming from them. Just sounds lets say less than desirable. But I will try your idea. Will get back to you on results.
They sound off. You can hear sound from them but it sounds grainy. I am using a Musical Fidelity A3 integrated amp. With a Cambridge 340 running it through a Dac magic.
You may have a blown crossover.
I have been relaxing surfing the web today listening to music. The speakers have a good soundstage. It just sounds off is all. So you think it maybe crossover? I am going to see if I can take them to a hifi shop I made recent purchases from and let him see. Maybe he can tell me what he hears.

Thanks for the responses.
Have you listened to the NHT Classic Threes? They sound much bigger than their size.
They're pretty darn good for such a small speaker, and well within your budget. You can find a good used pair for
about $500, or less.

Good luck!
Spendor SA1's. Spendor magic with more sparkle. I got these a few weeks ago and the longer I listen the more I am impressed.

Yeah they are deff off. Listening to Donald Fagen's Kamakiriad and you can hear the highs are not smoot like before. They sound harsh now. The snare drum isn't snappy sounding anymore as well. Possible crossover the cause in such case? Like I mentioned before the soundstage sounds nice and wide and deep. Just not smooth as they sounded when i first bought them.

I am taking them to a hifi shop I been have going to lately, to have him hear. I most likely will buy new speakers.
The little PSBs have always sounded pretty neutral to me. If you're looking for "sparkle" up high and "punch" in the mid-bass, it might come at some cost in neutrality. The original Red Rose Ribbon Monitor (the original version had the ribbon tweeter extening above the front baffle) would be be a great example of this trade-off.

Good Luck

Krell Resolution 3. The Resolution series is no longer made, you probably can pick up a used pair for $2k. They originally listed for $4,000, and went up to $5,000 by the time they went out of production. I have lived happily with mine for four years. The 8" midbass driver gives an added weight to the sound that most standmounted speakers in this price range don't have. And the Vifa ring radiator tweeter is very good.
Link to review. http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/krell/res3.html
ATC 7s, Paradigm Studio 20s.
You should really listen to some time/phase coherent speakers, particularly Green Mountain. I have listened to and owned a variety of bookshelf speakers but have found nothing to compare to GMA's - In your budget range you could pick up some Calistos.
Ok I took my speakers to audio shop yesterday and had him check them out. Tweeters and woofers are good. Crossover is fried according to him. Anyone know what a ball park repair would run? I may just sell them and let whoever buys them repair them. I would consider offers at this time. I do have the matching stands. Speaker cabs are in great shape, one of the stands has a nick on the side when I moved to my current location. So if anyone is in search of the mini's and don't mind having the crossovers replaced feel free to make an offer. I do have the original box for them but have no idea what I did with the literature.

I checked out focal's 726's while I was there. I may lean towards the 716's as a replacement instead. Or the PMC bookshelves. I am going to visit a store that sells the PMC's this week and see if I like those.

Thanks for the tips on speakers.
I did order the replacement crossovers for the mini's.

I would like to still sell them if any is interested.

I decided to go back to towers. After listening for a couple hours I can't understand why I went to bookshelves in first place lol. Oh well.
An update on speakers. I received the new crossovers and it renewed the speakers life again. Now I remember why I bought them originally. I will hang onto them for a while longer now.

I do have a question for the tech minded.
What would have caused both crossovers to fry like they did?
i have proac 2000 tablette so somone can help me to find out the suite amp that cat match these speakers
Tube amp will do.

I have a pair of old mc-225 on mono ( 50 watts) and it work's well,even one mc-225 on stereo sounded great.I am more on tube amps than s/s amps but have mc-2100 ( s/s).

Mcintosh , Cary and Audio Research.