What is a good analog rig for me?

I have a very good digital front end with a EMC-1 UP and a Sony SCD-1. What would be a good rig for me that would surpass my digital one? My price point is $3000.00 to $5000.00 for everthing except a cleaning machine and cleaning supplies. That price should include a phono pre-amp.
The Bluenote from Italy!
If I were spending the money, I would be looking at used stuff. You haven't specified so this might not help. I would get a Sota Cosmos table with an SME IV arm and a SHelter 901 or as was recently recommended maybe a vdH DDT cartridge.

I would look for a Pass Labs Xono phono stage, also used. This should be doable in the price range you mentioned.

The Teres tables have also tempted me lately and would be worth investigating.

Good luck.
I will "amen" nrchy recommendations. I own the SCD 777ES and the SOTA sapphire with vintage FR arm more than matches it. A Cosmos should be a big step up!!!

Have Fun!
I agree with used because hi end tables are a good buy. The owners tend to have good habits, and you are going to need a new cartridge anyway. Can't argue with SOTA either, but I certainly would not pass up a nicely priced Linn, but only the LP-12. They are quite good about retro-fitting, and they have an economical amp. And I am glad you plan on a good cleaning option! That will make you happier than any table choice. If you really rather not take on the search or just can't bear the thought of used, then a new Linn is at the top of your budget, or a VPI.
Twl seems to be on vacation, so I'll attempt to emulate what he might recommend. ;) If you'd prefer to buy new then a Teres-based setup would be tough to beat in your price range. Here's one possible configuration:

Teres 245 ($2725)

Origin Live Silver ($925)
If you add Twl's HIFI Mod and my VTF mod you'll get an arm that rivals others that list for $1500+.

Shelter 501 ($800)

That leaves $500ish for a phono stage. I don't have broad enough experience to recommend one, but if $500 isn't enough you could substitute a Denon 102R for the Shelter. That would free up about $500 to put toward the phono stage.

Slightly lower down the price scale, a Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm ($2500) would leave room for a very nice cartridge and phono.
Were I in the market right now for a nice used table I'd look at this VPI HW19 Mk IV with the JMW10 tonearm. Seems like a deal at 2k (firm supposedly) with its original box and is being sold at a dealer which means it is probably in great shape. Spend the money on a nice cartridge and quality transformer. The Shelter with an Audio Note transformer would be bliss.

If you could afford a genuine Kondo built transformer I would go for it as Kondo San is not getting any younger. Units built by Kondo San might become collectible upon his inevitable demise.