What is a good amp for my ML Aerius I's.

I am currently using a Aragon 4004 Mk11(which I like). Would any of these amps: Marsh A400, Aragon 8008, or the Innersound ESL be a significant improvement over what I already have. I will consider other options that do not break the bank. I am particularly interested if the Marsh excels or starts to fall down when presented low impedances presented by ESL's. I would greatly appreciate responses from people with experience with electrostats, as I am aware some otherwise good amps may not fair well with ESL's.
FYI my pre-amp is a CJ PFR.

Thanks in advance for responding,
I own and sell electrostats, and tried an Aragon amp with my stats and found the sound to be a little on the thin side. I haven't tried the Marsh amps. After a bit of shopping around I chose to become a dealer for the InnerSound amps, so I guess my vote is fairly predictable. InnerSound dealers are typically quite willing to provide an in-home audition, so if you have a local dealer see what he says.

Best of luck to you!
ML's are current hogs, I'd suggest you consider Classe. Along with a tubed preamp and the right wires you have a marriage made in heaven. Jeff
I would save my money and stay with the 4004 if you like it. The Marsh will not be better - the 8008 will not be better than the 4004 with these speakers. I own and have owned ML's Aerius, Quests and Odysseys. The Innersound amp would be a good choice if you want to let go of more money - maybe if you upgraded to the Ascents or Odysseys later but if Aerius is doing good for you with the 4004 - buy more music - too often we spend money needlessly on stuff instead of music which is really suppose to be why we have the stuff.
I heard an Audio Research VT-100 MKIII along with a LS-25 preamp on a pair of ML Prodigy (current pigs)... 100Watts did the trick (and was pretty impressive also)...

It may be out of budget but look for a used Vt-100...
Agree with Jeff above...found the "Logan's" to enjoy both a Clase CAP-100, and a Classe CA-300/CJ-ART combo.