What is a good AC cord for M-L Aerius i's?

I recently purchased a Harmonic Tech AC-11 power cord for my amp, an Aragon 4004 mkII. The improvement in sound was almost unbelievable; deeper bass, blacker background, better control over sonic decay, cleaner and more detailed. I was wondering if the HT AC11 or any other power cable might give more of the same type of improvement attached to my speakers.
The only reason I have not purchased more AC 11's is I am thinking that maybe some other cables might interact better with electrostatics. A response from Anyone with a similar personal experience or wisdom on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

AC cord makes no difference to my SL3. Just use the one came with the speaker and save some money.
I'm currently using MIT II power cords with M-L Aerius. They sound more detailed and open than the stock cords. Got a good deal from HCM. These are the standard cords with no special connectors on either end.
For my friend's Logans we used Powercords from XLO.
It was remarkable. Before they were detailed but a little "lifeless" after that they started to "breathe" and the impact was definetly better.
I ahve used MIT II's on Requests and now the Prodigys. Superb difference.
Copper inside, Some sort of plastic outside, plug at one end for insertion into wall socket, something at the other end to connect it to your thing there. Always insist on made in Qu├ębec electricity, much purer produced with colder water which does not cause thermic strain on turbines and run through colder wire (much better in winter) so requires less rectification. French electrons are also larger. You should also try to have all your equipment in line with the magnetic pole and, if at all possible, moving next to the dam with the shortest wire run is absolutely the best. My next subject will be on why, according to rubber garden-hose theory, large diameter speaker wire produces better bass. compared to thin wire