What is a fair price for a used Spacedeck ?

Hi guys,

I am in the process of buying a used spacedeck with OL Silver 250 arm. The spacedeck is the older version with shorter platter. The asking price is $1750. Is this a good price?

Should I go for a new spacedeck with the improved Ace- space arm for $2650 new or $2400 B-stock?


Get the shorter platter. Trust me.
What are the differences in sound between the short and the tall platter. The seller prefer the short platter and claim the taller platter sound dead.

I have also hear another guy who owned both version and think the tall one is considerably better.

If you would please tell me your thought.

And what do you think about the price. I think it is a bit high consider the retail used to be $1500 for the spacedeck when he bought it.

I cannot tell you about fair pricing. That is up to you.

I owned Spacedecks with both platters and I found the taller platter version pretty much as your person described. Still very good, but less lively and musical. Contrary to what some might otherwise think, I found the shorter version better in the area of speed stability. Place a Boston Audio Mat 1 on the short platter and you're set. In addition, if you can get one with the Spacearm it will wholly outdo the 250, IMHO.
You think the the original space arm will outperform the Origin Live Silver 250, right?

I heard the new Ace-space arm will do that. But not sure about the original space arm.

Thanks for your inputs.
I think so, and without any doubt. But, YOU need to know for yourself. See if you can listen to a few first. You say one person says this, another says that. Where does that leave you? Decidign who to believe? I know it's hard but your not going to get the definitive answer for you from anyone.
I would definately listen to gears before i buy. Unfortunately, I could find any in my area. The closet dealer is 10 hours away.

Fortunately, I am certain I will love what I hear regardless of tone arm I choose. Any combination will be a big step up from my VPI HW19 JR/AQ pt5.

I guess I just have to flip a coin then.
I have owned both Spacedecks. I can't say positively what 4yanx says is true. I have only heard the taller platter version with the Ace-Space, and this combination is a nice improvement over the original Spacedeck/Spacearm combo.

If you can get a B stock table with the Ace-Space for $2400.00 like you say, that would be the better bargain than the used one with the OL arm. I had that same arm on the Spacedeck, and even the original Spacearm is a better match for that table. And I think the new arm is better still.

Is this the spacedeck with taller platter?


The taller plater version is not the spacedeck with heavy kit, right?

If I understand correctly, the taller platter is just an updated platter for the latest spacedeck. If so, when did Nottingham change to taller platter?