What is a DVI input?

I've seen it in a few HT threads and don't know what it is.

Without getting real technical DVI is the best video connection in the market place today. This connection requires a 15 pin cable between two compatible components.

I use this feature linking my Theta Carmen-II to my Panasonic plasma monitor. The result is super sharp imaging, amazing clarity and very desirable seperation in color.

Add progressive scan into the mix(Standard on the Carmen-II) and your there!
Don't think for a minute the $200/$300 dvd players with a DVI output better the "high-end" quality dvd players (without dvi). Yes, they do trounce the "low-end" /"mid-level" players. Much depends on how large an image is being displayed. --- AND--- how good the display the player is used with. They will get better as time goes by and
Methinks DVI = Digital Video Interface. for more technical info, to to http://www.avsforum.com.