What is a Digital to Analogue Converter

I am using a McCormack MAP-1 in my audio/video system. Since the MAP-1 is analogue I have to have a Digital to Analogue converter that will work with 2 channel and 5.1 channel playback. I'm interested in finding out if anyone else has the MAP-1 Preamp and what DA Convertor you use? I'm also interested in feedback regarding what DA Convertor others would recommand? Thanks.

What is your digital source component?
Have you looked into the new McCormack UDP-1 Universal Player that supports virtually all the disc formats and does the D-to-A conversion? This is the companion component to the MAP-1.
I am using a Denon DVD5900 to drive my MAP-1. Having a lot of fun.
How would you connect a satellite receiver which only has multi-channel outs via toslink or coax to a MAP-1?

A UPD-1 solves the problem for DVD and multi channel SACD but McCormack has no answer for 5.1 from satellite, not to mention xbox, computers and PS/2.
I have a MAP-1 but I don't use a D/A converter. With the MAP-1 you lose the flexibility that comes with having a home theatre receiver. My components that run into the MAP-1 are a Sony SCD-C222ES SACD player and a cheapo Toshiba DVD player with DVD-Audio output. I lose the ability to play DVDs in DTS mode, but I don't think I lose much else. (Bass management and speaker delay functions are also missing, but I don't want them so I don't miss them). All in all, I think the MAP-1 is fantastic, but really belongs at the center of a music system, not a home theater system.

What problem are you trying to solve with a D/A converter?


I was looking at a MAP-1 as the center piece of a home theater system.
I have a satellite box that has 5.1 capability but only via toslink and coax. There is no 6 channel analog out so I would be forced to use the satellite in 2 channel mode which I don't want to do.

Your explanation makes a lot of sense so the MAP-1 unfortunately won't work in my setup.