What is a Digital to Analogue Converter

I am using a McCormack MAP-1 in my audio/video system. Since the MAP-1 is analogue I have to have a Digital to Analogue converter that will work with 2 channel and 5.1 channel playback. I'm interested in finding out if anyone else has the MAP-1 Preamp and what DA Convertor you use? I'm also interested in feedback regarding what DA Convertor others would recommand? Thanks.


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I have a MAP-1 but I don't use a D/A converter. With the MAP-1 you lose the flexibility that comes with having a home theatre receiver. My components that run into the MAP-1 are a Sony SCD-C222ES SACD player and a cheapo Toshiba DVD player with DVD-Audio output. I lose the ability to play DVDs in DTS mode, but I don't think I lose much else. (Bass management and speaker delay functions are also missing, but I don't want them so I don't miss them). All in all, I think the MAP-1 is fantastic, but really belongs at the center of a music system, not a home theater system.

What problem are you trying to solve with a D/A converter?