What is a descent amp to run cerwin vega e715

Hi i have been looking around for a powerfull amp/power amp to run these cerwin vega e715s that i have just recently bought but do not want to blow my power amp. Any ideas?
I am currently running a pair of bose 301 direct reflecting speakers with an RA500 Alesis power amp plus a 31 band per side equaliser plus a sound enhancement processor and so on.....I was told the ra500 would be ok but am after some audiophile advice.
any help would be appreciated thanks.
Your Cerwin Vega's are 102 db sensitive. This means you don't need much power to drive these. Double your power and you increase loudness by 3db. 1W=102db 2W=105db... 35-40 Watts would be plenty. If you are in the UK you might look at UK brands like Arcam, Roksan, Creek, NAD and Naim. These are considered mid-fi brands but probably can be had at a similar price to the Alesis RA500. Many products form these manufactures are not far behind referece quality and certainly ahead of most consumer and pro-audio gear.

If you have a budget let us know. Would you consider a integrated amp? Do you require rack mount? It looks like you are coming from the pro-audio world. I think you will find that most people on this board are purist that shy away from EQ's and processors. Less is more on the reproduction side. Lets say you have a lot of upside potential ;)
I own cerwin e715 for 5 years now, originaly powered by a harman kardon 3480 (rated 120watt rms 8ohms) after 2 years when played at high volume, light where dimming on the receiver and i had to repair it .. not sure what was the reason ..
Also runned for a party by a Crown xls 602 (370watt rms 8ohms) and now with a Crest Ca6 (400watt rms 8ohms).. the sound is a lot better with the crest ca6.. better damping factor and less distortion etc etc...
E-715 are rated 8ohms compatible but in reality there are more like 4-6ohms.. as your amp is 4ohms compatible i realy dont think ill be a problem to drive those speakers