What is a decent preamp for my Planar3

Just acquired a nice Planar3 used recently. It came with a hand made 9v battery (two of them) powered preamp. Obviously this would be a weak spot in my system that could use an upgrade. The heart of the system that the turntable feeds into is a Cyrus amp powering a pair of Cyrus 781 speakers, nothing fancy, but more than does the job on my budget. Please use the system price range as a frame of reference for suggestions ie. under $750 US (if possible)?

Do you mean phono preamp or full-feature preamp. If it's a phono preamp you need, then why not Rega's own Fono? And if you need a line preamp, Antique Sound Labs make quite a variety, and the $200 Mini Phono for that tube deliciousness. Alternatively, NAD make a preamp with a good MM/MC stage, remote-controlled, for $500 new. It's the C160, I think, and I'm tempted myself, having used a NAD 3020i as a preamp in days of yore...
Any other's vote in for the Rega fono? I'm thinking about picking one up for my planar3. I have a primare i20 integraded powering ATC scm 7's.

I need a phono stage under $250-ish, thoughts?

I'm not looking for a full feature pre amp, I'm just looking for a phono stage pre, I have an integrated PRIMARE i20 that kicks serious ass. I heard the rega fono sounds a little thin and for a little bit more you can get a whole lot better. Thought anyone?