What is a Choke?

I was at an audio store and saw a small box with four power outlets which was connected to the wall and then to a few components. The salesperson said it was a "choke". I can't remember the brand (not a PS Audio item, though), but, not surprisingly, the salesperson highly recommended it @ ~ $800. What was it that I saw? How does it work? Does it work?
Contact Charlie Hanson at Ayre Acoustics (www.ayre.com). He used(s) them in many of his amplifier designs.
A "choke" is another name for an inductor. An inductor can be used as a device to supply current (for a short duration) under high demand conditions, without a drop in voltage level. Think in terms of the "Richard Gray Power Company" type AC Power conditioners.

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Read the very short fundamentals of electicity section here

A choke is just another name for and an inductor.

Here is a helpful glossary of technical amplifier terms.
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Thanks for the on topic responses :) The others were funny, but I'm looking for a multi-outlet device that doesnt have the size/cost ratio of a PS Audio 600.
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