What is a better value speaker -- Kharma 3.2FE at

$21k or WP7 at $22k? I understand that choosing between these 2 speakers is more of a "personal taste" issue or perhaps a synnergistic issue with associated equipment.

The Kharmas, being imported speakers may be overpriced given the declining value of the dollar versus EU currencies. Wilson on the other hand, being a domestic product is not subject to currency valuation -- but are they at the proper price point?

Appreciate your thoughts.
JTinn is right. I've bought the Von Schweikert VR-7SE few months ago. It is amazing speaker. If you live around LA area you can come by for listening.
Wilson has the best resale value of almost any speaker. This is due to them having a very strict policy on dealer discounts & the support a dealer must give them. Wilsons also are heavily advertised in many consumer magazines & lifestyle magazines - more than Kharma- thereby increasing their demand & resale for certain. Kharma, are often found discounted. Wilson have a high WAF considering their paint can be easily ordered to match and they are small. I know I sound very pro Wilson but I also consider resale a major part of any speaker as Audiophiles tend to change speakers quite often.

Now on to a big question. The WP7 is probably is at the end of the its "life cycle" and will probably be discontinued shortly. It has been around for a long time. That in itself would make me hesitate or try to find out how much your cost would be to upgrade in the future.

If you live in the US, Wilsons are US made & manufactured, giving them "local" service which is a nice advantage & would facilitate an easy but costly upgrade. I am not sure about Kharma.

While I love the WP7s I honestly never liked the 6s. I honestly don't feel anyone can judge the WP7 fairly based on the earlier "Wilson house sound".

Get a beautiful custom color and if it is in demand on resale you will be "exclusive" with the custom color and have the ability to command a high price.
Given this additional info about your previous speakers and preference etc. I would say the Kharmas are much more like your Avalons. If you prefered the Avalon to WP's, I think you would be happier with the Kharma's. I have listened extensively to the VR4jrs and I will stick to my Kharmas. Yet, I would love to hear the higher level VSA speakers, strictly out of interest.
Ca2284, if you decide to pursue a pair of Kharmas and are watching your value proposition, take a look at the demo pair Lloyd Walker (Walker Audio) is selling. They are his personal reference speakers that he has tweaked. I've listened to them many times and they sound superb.

DGAD, good point about the potential "end of life" of the WP7s. If I purchased them at full retail now and the WP8 is released (or announced) soon after, that would cause an instantaneous decline in value. If I go with the WP7s, I'll probably get them in the silver or titanium finish, which are considered fairly neutral finishes for Wilsons. I haven't seen (new) Kharmas discounted though -- have you?

RUSHTON, I checked out Lloyd Walker's 3.2s and they look tricked-out which could be a double edged sword. Although I don't mind modded units (by highly regarded individuals such as Mr. Walker), others prefer stock or factory spec'd. units. I do like what he did with the SDSS' feet though -- they look more robust.

OANHU, I'm sure the VR7s are great speakers but they're just too big for my new listening room. They're probably bigger than the Eidolon-Ds.

Thanks again for sharing your opinions. Regards.