What is a better value speaker -- Kharma 3.2FE at

$21k or WP7 at $22k? I understand that choosing between these 2 speakers is more of a "personal taste" issue or perhaps a synnergistic issue with associated equipment.

The Kharmas, being imported speakers may be overpriced given the declining value of the dollar versus EU currencies. Wilson on the other hand, being a domestic product is not subject to currency valuation -- but are they at the proper price point?

Appreciate your thoughts.
Wilson are sonically the timex of speakers dressed up to look like a rolex. They are over-priced for what they are. The Kharmas are the better speaker but you will be penalized re: the exchange rate.
My gosh, they are so different. The 3.2 is a very limited but beautiful speaker. I prefer it to the WP7 in some ways, but the WP7 goes much deeper and has much great macro dynamics. Two totally different animals.

You might want to consider something in the Von Schweikert line (Disclosure: I am a dealer). I used to be a dealer for Kharma and prefer the Von Schweikerts in every way to them.
These speakers are as different as peanut butter and Nutella.

I have listened to both Kharma and Wilsons extensively, before I ultimately settled on the Kharma sound. Yet, I would not pay $21K and would look at buying used or demo from a Kharma dealer and/or distributor.

What is the least expensive VS speaker that you think compares equally to the WP 7 Or 3.2 Kharma?

The little 3.2's(I don't own a Kharma,or "MTV" Wilson)are overpriced,and indispensible,when communicating music.They are a truly stunning design,without the sub(which might make some happy,but steps on the magic)!You really have to dismiss notions of disco sound,and just let these gems flow through your soul.Which they can do,with a great amp.

The Avalon Diamond(I own an Avalon Ascent,a classic,easy to drive design)is a superb system,but as correctly stated in "Audio Federation",too difficult a load to be allowed to display it'e magic.Add a very high powered amp,and you add complexity.The high sensitivity Kharma allows greater freedom for less complex amps,as I'm sure the new and seemingly stunning(not too overpriced,compared to Kharma btw)Verity Parsifal Ovation would as well!!

Best to all!