What is a $500- $700 power cord for subwoofer

Looking to bring out more hard hitting low end power.

What power cords brought more depth and powerful bass extension to your subwoofer?

I'm looking for power cords for a HSU vtf2 mk2 and earthquake supernova mkIV subwoofers.

I'm currently using the stock power cords. Closer to $500 is better.

From the cost-and-benefit point of view, for $500 to $700, I would rather upgrade the sub itself than buying a power cord for the sub.
I immediately see your point Sidssp and know what you mean. I've had audiophile subs in my room and found none that I like better than these. Although the subs I have are not preferred by the majority of audiophiles, I like what they do in my setup. However, I know I can improve on their performance with after-market power cords. I plan to keep them. Based on the opinions I've seen in the forums, I think both subs are underrated for music. Maybe I'm shooting to high in the price range for replacement power cords. Can any of you recommend power cords in the $300-$500 range? Thanks for the response.
Hi Foster_ 9 - PS Audio Statement SC power cords work great on subs. Plenty of hard hitting low end power! ;-)
I would start looking at very affordable Belden and Volex 12-14 gauge powercords (do a search here). Otherwise the VH AUdio Flavor 4 should give you more impact.
Thanks, I tried Flavor 4 and Volex before. (for high current applications a 12-14 gauge cord like the Volex is not optimal in my opinion).
I have heard of people having great success with the Synergistc Tesla T3 on their sub. Should fit right into your budget.
Hi, I'd recommend to have a chat with Bruce at VooDoo Cable. They don't quote prices on their webpage anymore, but from the top of my head (and, of course, depending on the length you require) the "Mojo" (10 AWG) or "Mirage" (8 AWG) might be what you are looking for performance and price-wise. In my case (cords for CD, pre-amp and amp) Bruce's recommendations proved absolutely spot-on!
Albeit that for my purposes I have acquired other types ("Vajra" and "Diamond Dragon"), one thing that struck me when I had applied the cords was precisely the impression of deeper, cleaner and more detailed bass (perhaps the cryogenic treatment of even their cheapest cords has something to do with that? Just guessing)

BTW, something that may be advantageous too: VooDoo offer different IEC connectors to fit different requirements.

Good luck.
Oh no, don't tell me that. I have the HSU VTF3 and the VTF3 mk2, and about 10 PS Audio Statement SC power cords among my system. Just haven't tried the Statement SC with either of the sub yet.

By the way, the Statement SC power cords are excellent for the money.
experiment with placement. don't throw 5 hundred away on a cord
Jaybo, I don't have any room to experiment with placement. Thanks for the suggestion Rydenfan. Joeyboynj, I tried the PS Audio Statement SC on my earthquake sub, no appreciable improvement in extension.
Try either bpt L10 or a virt dyn pwr 3 on the subs rel inexpensive and they work:) have used them on revel b15a and jl audio f113--
Thanks Ras422 and Karelfd. I don't know about using a 14 gauge pc like the Power 3 on a subwoofer.
bpt is 10awg --pwr 3 is 14 but doesn't act like you would expect and for 100dollars is a steal--til you get up to the 500-1500 range cords--rich
I have pwr 3 on a pair of jl audio fathoms now --ran out of money spending it on the subs and master le 2.0 pwr cords for my amps -that is a 14 g cord to a sub with 2500 watt amp and works like a charm --? is it as good as a 1500 pwr cord --prob not but it is working well enough for me to be very patient for awhile--rich
I have a Power 3 and I did not like it on the sub. Not enough low end impact.
Here's another option 3' MAC HC Sound Pipe. I'm using one of these with my James EMB-1000 sub with positive results. Got mine pretty cheap through one of the auctions.
Take that money and invest in subwoofer EQ, velodyne SMS-1, Onix RDES etc... That would do FAR more than ANY power cord upgrade.

Good Luck.
I like Shunyata Taipan, if you can find one used. Or even the lesser line is outstanding.
agree with everyone who is telling you to put your money in a better sub --I would rather have a 100 vd pwr cord on a jl audio fathom113 than a 700 pwr cord on a lesser sub--I was trying to hint at that by giving you some less expensive pwr cords --the bass reproduction from the jl are outstanding --rich?? email me
Do you have dedicated outlets?

Flemke, dedicated outlets were impractical because the home I have now is not permanent and also the cost for a difficult installation. I do however use the PS Audio Premier regenerator for my sources and one sub.
Hi Brother-In-Arms, I have the PS Premier at the heart of my system, that makes me even more relaxed to recommend VooDoo. Great match (in my system).