What is $5,000 worth today, and is it better than 1,600 in the 80's?

Hey Everyone,
So I found this nifty inflation calculator:
So today if you spent $5k on a piece of gear, it's the equivalent of around $1,600 in 1980.

What do you all think. Is gear better or worse?  Does your modern day $5k buy you more or less gear than $1,600 did in 1980?

1980 -- $1,600.00 vs 2019 -- $5,000.00.

What I would've bought then vs What I would buy today?

1984 System....

.  Vandersteen 2C Speaker System -- $650.00

.  Yamaha A-1000 Integrated Amplifier (120 WPC @ 8 Ohms) -- $600.00

.  Technics SL-1800 MkII Turntable -- $380.00

Price:  $1,630.00 + Phono Cartridge (About $2,000.00 Total (1984))

2019 System (Today)*....

.  Vandersteen 2Ce Signature Speaker System -- $1,600.00 (Pre Owned)

.  Cambridge Audio AZUR 851A Integrated Amplifier/DAC (120 WPC @ 8 Ohms/200 WPC @ 4 Ohms)  -- $1,500.00

.  PS Audio GCPH Phono Preamplifier -- $500.00 (Used)

.  Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (Black) -- $600.00

.  Nagaoka PM-200 Phono Cartridge -- $400.00

.  BlueSound NODE 2i Music Streamer -- $550.00

* = If I had the money....

Price:  $5,150.00 + Digital, Interconnect, and Speaker Cables (About $6,500.00 Total (2019))

That would depend on the gear in question.

How much I enjoyed the make up of the gear in question plays a huge in it all.

The feature set, and the sound quality of it also play an important part.

If I paid about $1,600.00 to about $2,500.00 for an amplifier back in 1984, it was probably a SOTA piece back then (or pretty damn close to it), and enjoyed the performance and the sound quality of it back then, then about 35-40 years later, then more than likely, it’s going to have some sentimental value to me, and that being the case, I’m more than likely going to have it redone and recapped, that many years later, though I will still enjoy it immensely, it will no longer be considered SOTA.

If liked a piece of gear which I paid WAY MUCH less than that, then even though I may or may not keep it.  How sentimental it is to me is going to be a factor as well.

More than likely, I may eventually either part ways with it and give it away?

Or I may decide to keep it, but I will either put it in a secondary system, or I may put it in retirement all to and just use it occasionally then.

It won’t be a full time piece anymore, that’s for sure.