What Interconnects Work Well With McIntosh?

I am currently moving up from from Adcom separates to
McIntosh separates. I have a C712 Preamp and a MR 73 tuner;
and hope to have a MC7200 amp to replace my Adcom GFA 555
Mk.II by next month. My speakers are Thiel 3.5s and I am
currently using Transparent MusicWave speaker wires.
I've recently installed a Transparent MusicWave cables
between my CD and Preamp - and like the improved detail a
lot. But all the rest of my cables are a mix of XLO ER-5s
and MIT Terminator 4s - which sound bright and a little
Has anyone with McIntosh gear had good results with
Transparent or other brands? I would like to keep the cost
per pair under $125.00 if possible. Any thoughts from McIntosh owners would be appreciated.
I am a Mac man and use Analysis on one Mac system and Alpha Core Purl on another with excellent success from both. Price is good too.
I'm a Mc lover myself, using their MC2500 power, C36 pre, XR16 speakers and their MQ107 Custom Enviromental Equaliser!
I've tried many cables but not the Analysis or Alpha Core! The ones that I found to play well with Mc gear was the StraightWire Maestros & Siltech!
Apart from this, the one I've been using is called Audioplan ( IC's & speaker cable ) from Germany ( www.audioplan.de ) with very good results! At present, the Mc agent here uses a brand called Stradius from the U.S. and this brand is also recommended by Mcintosh themselves!
Soon, I hope to try another cable brand called Clou Cable from Sweden ( www.cloucable.se )!
Feel free to email me anytime!
I have experience with a complete high end McIntosh system - 841,132,MC500,(2)MC162,MCD751. I tried EVERYTHING all the way up to cables which retail at over 3000 per meter. Nothing made my McIntosh gear sound better than Acoustic Zen Silver Reference. The Acoustic Zen Silver Reference is in my view the absolute best for McIntosh. Not only are the interconnects good but the Hologram Speaker wire is a match made in heaven.

The AZ Silver Reference will transform your system from being a bit edgy to smooth and sweet. Granted they are more than 125 per pair but hopefully this will give you something to work toward.
Thank you to all who answered my posting. I am going to
give the Alpha Core and Straight Wire interconnects a try
this coming month. Also will keep an eye out for a used
pair or two of the Acoustic Zen Silver Refs!
Avideo... I am not kidding you. The Acoustic Zen is MAGIC for McIntosh!