What interconnects work best with Audio Research?

Hi everyone, need some advice on what interconnects work best with
Audio Research gear, XLR type preferably. I really like the warm tube sound.

-Ref 1

Then get yourself Cardas or Kubala Sosna wires. They are both on the warm side and have a lot of texture.
Agree, CARDAS is the brand for you. Be extra carful about used Cardas.. they have had a problem with fakes! Make certain you buy from a retail seller, or (used) from folks who have a long and solid reputation who are 'original owners' and can proove it.
(Few other cables have the 'look perfect'forgery problem Cardas has)
Thanks, which of the Cardas line up should I use.......
Also consider Harmonic Technology Magic IC and Pro-9 speaker cable.
These no-nonsense cables sound wonderful and are resonably priced on the used market.
I've used HT with ARC, BAT, Parasound etc. and have never been disappointed or felt like "something was missing".
I used Audio Magic cables accross the board with my reference Audio Research set-up and it worked great. The Audio Magic line-up is similar to the 'silver litz' cables that Audio Research use to sell except that they are updated and more refined.
Over the years, I have seen ARC products using AudioQuest wire frequently in shows and demonstrations, especially with Vandersteen speakers. The largest ARC dealer in the world for several years carried AQ almost exclusively and sold me on them. They are hard to describe other than transparent or neutral. If that is what you are after, give them a try.
The MIT ICs in my system seem to synergize best with the ARC tube pre-amp.

I did not like them as much prior using SS gear though they were still good.
I use Virtual Dynamics. Powerful cables with tube gear. They pass that warmth of the tubes right out into the room!
I'll get shot but try Kimber PBJ - cost next to nothing
AQ King Cobras are warm, full sounding, and have nice detail. Also fairly cheap (around $140 used for 1m pr XLR). They are a big step up over the other non-dbs cables in the AQ line. I wish I had started with them instead of "climbing the ladder".
I have owned ARC amps, pre's, players and dacs, and have been loyal to the brand for near 30 years.
I have tried many cables, including ARC's orginals to the many types of Toshiba, Van den Hul, Cardas, Kimber,Nordost and have settled on JPS Aluminata for interconnects, JPS Aluminata for the amp & phono power cords and Nordost Brahma for pre, and c.d. power cords.
The cables which JPS produce seem to that special synergism with tubes amplification.
I like Harmonic TEchnology and MIT with my ARC piece.
My neighbor uses Cardas in his AR system. Neutral Reference, Golden Reference are the main ones but also has Golden Presence, Golden Cross. Sweet sounding system.
Buy a used pair of Cardas Golden Cross. They worked well with my Audio Research preamp. They will provide good soundstage and detail are somewhat cooler than the Cardas Cross which I think you would find to be too warm.
Most AR stuff needs something warm and a bit colored so I agree with the MIT,Cardas Golden,Transparent.
Stay away from some of the revealing cables Stealth,Nordost,etc as they will enhance the leaness and congestion in some AR stuff
I'm using Synergistic Resolution Reference X XLR's between my dac and VT-100mkII. Wonderfully transparent and open!!
I agree with the MIT suggestion for ARC but I do not consider them (at least the "terminator" serires that I use) to be warm sounding at all nor particularly colored in any special way.
My dad has a Ref3 and runs Audio Quest Mont Blac and Sky IC's with great results.
I recommend IC Synergistic Tesla Apex from DAC to pre and Tesla Precison Reference pre to power. Speaker cables I have used AZ Absolute. (ARC Ref 3 and Ref 110)
Purist or Stealth. Get the best!!