what interconnects will better my discovery plus 4

looking to take a step forward with interconnects. currently using discovery plus 4's both xlr and rca. I will buy used and don't want to spend tons. currently have a bluenote koala cd player, bat vk3i, and mcalister audio amp. any suggestions greatly appreciated. thank you
i have a mcalister audio amp and i auditioned the koala in my system for over one week.

what type of presentation do you prefer, regaring spectral balance ?
I would suggest if you need more neutrality,being as all the older Dicovery wires tend to be a little warm and lovable ,you may want to try Poeima by Ridge Street Audio. Plenty of detail and not bright.Very open and does everything very well.If you need to buy used,theres a Poeima P2 version for sale now on this site. Great i/c and very,very popular....Check the reviews on this site for more feedback..

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