what interconnect and speaker cable is best for my system ?

I am have put together a system consisting of Arcam Diva CD 72, Audio Refinement Complete integrated amp and I am thinking of buying Proac Response 1 SC speaker. What interconnect and speaker cable would give this the best sound at a reasonable price ?
Look for Tara RSC Ref Gen in the classifieds. They are quite neutral and like most components are available used at about 1/2 list price. Cardas is also a good choice. Search the forum on cables for these brands for more info. I do not wish to slight other good products, maybe some other members will chime in with their recommendations as well. Good Luck.
I am using Harmonic Tech throughout my system, no regrets.
I have heard rumours that Proac have been sold to a company in China and if that is true I not sure if the quality will be as good as before.Ok back to your question,I have own Proac 1SC before and had good results using Taralabs cable.
Purist Audio Design "Dominus" by far.
I've been running two pairs of Purist Audio Colossus biwire speaker cable in a shotgun arrangement. It is the closest thing to the Purist Dominus that I have heard for a fraction of the price.